Louisa Grey

A creative director with a focus on interiors - fan of the clean and modern with defined, structured lines.

When do you feel most free?
"Freedom for me is space. In a city as busy as London, I strive for head and personal expanse. Holkham beach in Norfolk is where I disappear for this and it allows me to cathartically work through life."

Which Freedom To Exist Watch and why?
"The design of the Freedom To Exist "fte3001 Gold and Black", is so considered and practical, and working in such a visual industry, I like to make sure that when I meet clients or I'm on a shoot, that my wardrobe speaks for itself."

The petite 30 Edition watch combines classic detailing with a modern minimalist finish - branding free. It is incredibly light at just 27g, and super thin at only 6mm.

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