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The Watch Service Centre

We first became aware of THE WATCH SERVICE CENTRE from reading the SPITALFIELDS LIFE blog. Kirsty and I previously lived in East London, and the blog was a regular source of fascinating local events, people and places that we regularly read.

With our new watch venture combined with remembering Annie and John Lloyd's story, we made contact and arranged a visit. They were even nicer and more knowledgeable than we had hoped for. 

Located in Clerkenwell, it is one of only a handful of watch specialists, in an area previously dominated by the craft. It's bold yellow facade makes it stand out against the increasing about of neighbouring architectural firms, and its a treat for any watch enthusiast.

During the short time we were in there, a parade of loyal customers came and went, collecting and dropping off their heirlooms and favourite watches. There was even one customer who wanted a quick strap change due to a date that night.

John popped open our fte prototype and gave us positive feedback about our specification, pricing and the quality of materials we have used. He gave us some quick tips on how to change the strap and the battery, before reassemlbig the watch and presenting it back to us. It was an honour to see a master at work, the speed and dexterirty in which he disamantely and then reassembled our timepiece was hypnotic, and clearly came from an expert performing the same operation since he started working in Clerkenwell in 1956.

The british watch and clock makers guild certificate proudly hung in the centre of the shop.

Annie documenting a recently dropped off timepiece before presenting it to John to be repaired.

Hundreds of repaired vintage timepieces waiting for their owners to collect them. We loved that boxes previously used for housing champagne bottles had become a makeshift storage system for the watches while they waited to be collected.

We highly recommend John and Annie's store to any fte customers, or anyone wishing repair or add a new battery or strap to their vintage Omega, Rolex, Tag or Patek Philippe.


Address - 60 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5PX

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Welcome Gift - Save 10%

30 Edition / 40 Edition

Case Diameter 30mm / 40mm
Case Material Stainless Steel 316L
Case Finish (PVD) polished & brushed
Mechanism Swiss Made Ronda 763 Quartz
Accuracy -10/+20 sec/month
Watch Strap Italian Leather
Watch Weight
27g / 45g
Watch Resist
2 year - READ
Battery Life
3 years

View printable full size guide HERE