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Business Zone - How to successfully fund a Kickstarter campaign for watches

Paul our MD featured on the Business Zone website to discuss how we successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign.

"When contacting people, it needs to be as personal as possible. This goes for friends and family as well as blogs and marketing. A “Dear SIR/MADAM” will not open the door, and the amount of time you put into making contact is reciprocated by the amount of time the person puts into replying.

Clearly show that you customer will actually get a physical thing. A lot of feedback we had from friends and family was that they were unfamiliar with Kickstarter and assumed that they were donating money. Once we made it clearer, our support increased tenfold."

You can read the whole article - HERE

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30 Edition / 40 Edition

Case Diameter 30mm / 40mm
Case Material Stainless Steel 316L
Case Finish (PVD) polished & brushed
Mechanism Swiss Made Ronda 763 Quartz
Accuracy -10/+20 sec/month
Watch Strap Italian Leather
Watch Weight
27g / 45g
Watch Resist
2 year - READ
Battery Life
3 years

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