About Us

Have you ever felt that you wanted more of the simple things? The simple and exquisite, elegant and beautiful? 

Have you ever felt that life itself is at times filled with the complex, the busy, the hustle and bustle and what you’d like more than anything on the occasion, is a sense of calmness, simplicity… even to switch off, so that you can check in with yourself, and feel free of life’s complexities? In a sense, that’s why Freedom to Exist came about.

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Watch Sizing

With some watches they can be too tight or too loose, so when designing the watch the fit and sizing was key, so that a Freedom To Exist watch fits the petite, average and also larger wrist, thanks to the placement and number of holes on the strap.

We started our journey with an unbranded watch, with 30mm and 40mm dials and straps for the petite, small, medium and large wrists. Timeless vintage watches that simply tell the time, exquisitely well.

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Affordable does not mean skimping on quality, design and components, even on what you can not see.

Freedom To Exist watches all use a Ronda 763 movement - a quartz mechanism made in Switzerland, selected for its accuracy and longevity, soft Italian leather stitched straps and a brushed and polished PVD coated medical grade Stainless Steel 316L watch case.

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As well as getting a beautifully packaged watch and handwritten note, for a limited time we also provide FREE SHIPPING, with a live tracking reference so you can monitor your parcel's journey.

We also provide a FREE GIFT WRAP service, with stunning bespoke designs by our friends Sunny Todd Prints & The City Works. Great news if it is a gift....for you or a friend.

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What makes an fte watch tick?
Behind The Scenes

What makes an fte watch tick?

We have searched through our fte archive and then compiled images from the very beginning, documenting from first sketch to shop floor. Almost 2...

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