Lauren Imprato

Lauren Imparato is a former wall street professional who is now an author of RETOX, CEO of wellness and lifestyle brand I.AM.YOU, and one of Elle's "This is 30" - a list of the world's hottest 30-year old women.

Lauren has become revered as one of the globe’s top lifestyle, wellness, and yoga experts. She has led classes for tens of thousands on the Great Lawn of Central Park, in Times Square, Madrid, Barcelona, Panama, opening weekend in Ibiza, the Cannes Film Festival, and more. Profiled on the cover of Marie Claire, CNN, Vogue, Bloomberg, Fox Business, SELF, New York Magazine, The Financial Times, New York Times, Marie Claire Spain, NY1 Television, TVE, BBC, The London Financial News, The Telegraph, Dr. Oz, and Poder, just to name a few. Her classes have been named “New York’s Best,” blog selected by tumblr as one of the world’s 15 best in the space, and been graced with “RETOX is The New DETOX” on the cover of Marie Claire and "Forget Detox: Why You Need to RETOX" on Dr. Oz.

Her talks, classes, and retreats take her around the world, from Europe to Latin America, Asia, and across the United States.

Lauren unites the ancient Tibetan and Indian philosophies of yoga with science, anatomy, and modern day life as the basis of her teachings and writings. Her realistic, straight up modern approach has made her a cult favorite for those in the know and a perfect ambassador for Freedom To Exist.

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When do you feel most free?
"I feel most free on the sea - with the waves, water, salt, wind… the whole combination is a visceral reminder of what it is to be human, and alive, which is freedom in and of itself."

Which Freedom To Exist Watch and why?
"I love the Gold & Black fte3001. Your watches represent tomboy elegance and sporty chic - very me, and very I.AM.YOU."

The 30 Edition watch combines classic detailing with a modern minimalist finish - branding free. It is incredibly light at just 27g, and super thin at only 6mm.

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Monica - Customer