Rose. The heart of gold

Rose Gold Watches

The elegance of Rose Gold inspires a sense of being connected to a fashionably and regally historical period. In 19th century Russia, renowned jeweller Carl Fabergé, combined copper alloy with yellow gold to create this beautifully subtle pink Rose Gold appearance.

Rose Gold was then reintroduced by Cartier in the 1920s and it then especially gained popularity in the mid 1950s and even more recently in the past decade.

There’s something quite special about Rose Gold jewellery. It connects both heart and mind with a past long gone, like stepping into a time warp while staying connected with the present.

It says so much about a person wearing Rose Gold. There is stability and a sense of purpose. They enjoy their independence as much as being connected with another, intimately. Rose Gold tends to subtly attract attention to the wearer. They don’t tend to be flashy, instead gently subdued, with a touch of humour freely shared. This person is inclined to naturally emit a glow of confidence around them. And they appreciate uniqueness – in both themselves and in others – as they move through life with a feeling of being slightly out of the ordinary and moving on to the extraordinary.

Those who wear this colour are confident in themselves, they know what they want in life, they are inclined to be purposeful and goal-oriented. Although their life may be structured, they are equally flexible when it comes to change. And so another Rose Gold watch may reflect this ability to go with the flow.

The copper-gold combination doesn’t taint, so a wearer of this gorgeous colour will tend not to be affected by the day-to-day experiences of life. They take things in their stride, they adjust, but not to suit others, not to please them, not to fit in. They do so, as it pleases them, not out of a sense of rebellion or need to be different, rather that this is where they are meant to be, who they are meant to be. Yet another aspect of themselves, just like a diamond with many facets, they too, will reveal a wonderfully different facet of themselves. And they are spontaneous in this.

This strong person, with all these inconspicuous yet strong qualities that reflect their self-worth, is also someone who isn’t afraid to stand up and make themselves heard. They are the ones who speak up. They are the ones who are fearless in the face of adversity. They are the ones who are prepared to express themselves when they must and hold back to allow others to have the limelight. They are relentless in their ability to keep going regardless of any setback.

If you’re drawn to Rose Gold, and especially if you’re a woman, then you’re in magnificent company. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Paris Hilton are but a few who wear Rose Gold.

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"I was losing the will to live searching for a ladies watch with a leather strap. My criteria were; long enough strap, easy to read face but not huge numbers, dial not too big and not too small, no fuss, no visible brand name, and elegant. Paul and Kirsty were extremely helpful, and their service and speed was much appreciated. A great brand; I’m glad I found it!

Monica - Customer