Sebastian Cox

“Sebastian has a lightness of touch which gives his work a sense of elegant beauty”

Sir Terence Conran 


The Sebastian Cox workshop and studio were founded in 2010 on the principle that this traditional approach could be radical and that the past can be used to design and make the future. Without nostalgia or sentimentality but with respectful inventiveness and new technology.

Together with his team, Sebastian immerses himself in our material history and reinvigorates traditional materials and ways of making to drive change in our material culture.

His work wins awards and sees him collaborate with other material experts, brands, interior designers, manufacturers and retailers who share his vision for a better material future.

When do you feel most free?
"I feel most free behind the wheel of my 1970 MGB on an open country road with my wife Brogan and dog Willow on board. We could be going anywhere and in a classic car you can travel back in time too."

Which Freedom To Exist Watch and why?
"I chose the fte4002 watch because of its minimal design and classic leather and rose gold colour. It’s really understated in style but high quality and robust enough for wearing in the workshop while I’m making and smart enough for a meeting with a new client."

The Unisex 40 Edition watch combines classic detailing with a modern minimalist finish - branding free. It is incredibly light at just 45g, and super thin at only 11mm.

"I was losing the will to live searching for a ladies watch with a leather strap. My criteria were; long enough strap, easy to read face but not huge numbers, dial not too big and not too small, no fuss, no visible brand name, and elegant. Paul and Kirsty were extremely helpful, and their service and speed was much appreciated. A great brand; I’m glad I found it!

Monica - Customer