When we give, we get so much more in return

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Whether we give someone a compliment, or a gesture such as helping a stranger, or buying a gift for someone we love, there’s no denying just how much we get in return.

Seeing a person’s face light up when they say, “You’ve just made my day” are words often treasured more than the action we took in the first place.

A bouquet of flowers…
“Thank you. They’re beautiful.”

Helping a stranger with their shopping…
“I truly appreciate you doing this for me. So generous.”

A card sent to a customer…
“Wow! I really didn’t expect this. How thoughtful.”

A beautiful watch or piece of jewellery to a girlfriend or boyfriend…
“I absolutely love this. Thank you so much.”

A genuine compliment …
“Thank you.”

So many ways to give. Equally as many ways to share our gratitude.

The act of giving, of contributing, of sharing… are all wonderful gifts we get to be a part of, and value.

Our gratitude for a gift can be equally as valuable as the gift itself, especially when expressed from the heart. A heartfelt “Thank you” touches our hearts.

Have you ever been complimented or given a compliment and the compliment has been dismissed with a “Oh, it’s nothing”, “I’m not like that”, “Really? It’s a borrowed outfit”, or even “Whatever” with a quick change of topic.

Often the dismissal is not because we don’t want the compliment. Usually it’s because of embarrassment or simply because there’s the feeling that accepting could be considered as egotistical or vane.

We are such strange creatures, wouldn’t you agree? We yearn for a sense of belonging, significance, and yet so easily and quickly deny it when it’s offered freely.

It’s natural to need to belong.
It’s natural to need significance, that we matter.
It’s equally natural to want to give, to contribute.

These three – belonging, significance, contribution – are innate and natural needs for every single one of us. Yet for so many of us, from a very early age, we’re told to give because it’s our ‘duty’, or that we should, that’s it’s expected of us.

As the saying goes, “Giving is receiving”. The more we give, the more we receive. Often in the most unexpected ways. A gift of a “Thank you” can often be more valuable that an expensive gift that’s given because it’s expected of us. Any gift given with love—a diamond ring, an elegant watch, homemade freshly baked cookies, a helping hand, a compliment—Is valuable.

Give with love, from the heart—whether the gift is a small gesture to a stranger, a grateful Thank You note to customer, a birthday gift to a friend, an unexpected gift for a loved one—each are incredibly valuable for both the giver and the receiver.

Love giving. Love receiving.

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