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How this high-flying couple created a thriving side business while holding down two full-time jobs - Kirsty Whyte and Paul Tanner - Freedom To Exist

We are thrilled to have taken part in an interview with the Business section of THE TELEGRAPH, who covered the story about how Kirsty and Paul run Freedom To Exist on the side to their day jobs.

"...The number of entrepreneurs in Britain is at an all-time high, with nearly 660,000 new companies established in 2016, up from 608,000 the previous year, according to the Centre for Entrepreneurs, a think tank. This record is likely to be broken again this year, with workers increasingly encouraged by the success stories of budding businessmen and women featuring on TV shows such as Dragons Den and The Apprentice.

Funding is one of the biggest issues for aspiring entrepreneurs, however, with many now relying on investment through peer-to-peer lending or crowdfunding, as banks have tightened up their lending to small businesses since the economic downturn.

Others choose to work multiple jobs to support a start-up business, pumping any income they receive from their employers into their own company to get it off the ground..."

You can read the full article - HERE

"I was losing the will to live searching for a ladies watch with a leather strap. My criteria were; long enough strap, easy to read face but not huge numbers, dial not too big and not too small, no fuss, no visible brand name, and elegant. Paul and Kirsty were extremely helpful, and their service and speed was much appreciated. A great brand; I’m glad I found it!

Monica - Customer