We are not your typical watch brand
Have you ever felt that you wanted more of the simple things? The simple and exquisite, elegant and beautiful?

Have you ever felt that life itself is at times filled with the complex, the busy, the hustle and bustle and what you’d like more than anything on the occasion, is a sense of calmness, simplicity… even to switch off, so that you can check in with yourself, and feel free of life’s complexities? We started our journey with an unbranded watch, with 30mm and 40mm dials and straps for the petite, small, medium and large wrists. Timeless vintage watches that simply tell the time, exquisitely well. We wanted space, away from the overwhelming noise of branding and technology.

This, is what inspired Kirsty and Paul in 2015, to launch their very own minimalist watch brand, because they wanted to create products free from fast fashion, gender rules and passing trends. Between them, they have more than 25 years’ experience bringing ideas and sketches to life. They met while creating products for Habitat and then went on to becoming two of the first on Made.com’s team.
Our Why
"A few years ago, Kirsty and I were shopping for Kirsty’s birthday gift in a well-known London department store. Kirsty had her heart set on a new watch but couldn’t find one she liked. They were all overtly branded or lacked the finesse, sophistication and design details she was looking for. And because her wrists are rather small, all the watches she tried on were loose and never stayed secure. While we were there, we overheard another customer with the same issue. It was in that moment that we decided to use our design and product development skills to create a new watch, based on the precise design and sizing needs that Kirsty was trying to find." - Paul

Our approach is simple
When you wear a Freedom To Exist watch, we let the design speak for itself and keep our brand hidden where only you can see it. It’s like a secret only you know about. From the Swiss Made Ronda 763 watch movement, to the soft Italian leather strap, the domed watch glass, and the way the hands line up with the markings—every detail of the heirloom quality timepieces is carefully considered and refined until it is perfect. Above all else, we work closely with our manufacturers and call in all of our favours to keep our products at affordable prices—always. Our promise to you, is to keep creating considered timepieces that stay true to our love of design. We trust that you love them as much as we do.
Esquire Logo
"One of the smartest new watch brands to emerge this year - and affordable, too."
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As featured in the MENS STYLE section of the SATURDAY TIMES MAGAZINE
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"...pared-down watches that boast a blissfully modest price point..."
Instyle Magazine
As featured as 4th out of 100 in their Christmas Gift Guide
SnowKirsty - Creative Director
Kirsty is the wonderfully creative force behind the fte brand and is an award winning designer, with extensive experience at Soho House, Heals, Made.com, Tom Dixon, Bhs, Normann Copenhagen and Habitat. Kirsty's favourite watch is the Rose Gold & Grey fte3011.
ForestPaul - MD
Paul takes care of fte’s all-important structure—logistics, website, product development and finances. Paul’s experience is with Habitat, Made.com and Marks & Spencer and has led the development teams of three Design Guild Mark winning projects. Paul's favourite watch is the all black fte4007.


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