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Watches for Small Wrists

Our Story - Freedom To Exist

Kirsty and Paul were shopping one day in London looking for a gift for Kirstys birthday. She had her heart set on a new watch and they went from shop to shop trying to find one...but without success. Every watch Kirsty tried on either slid up her arm, or span on her small wrist. They were also all heavily branded with a big logo across the watch face, and she could not find "the one" no matter how hard they tried.

During one store visit they overheard another customer with exactly the same issue, they to had a petite wrist, and Kirsty and Paul realised there could be a gap in the market, and decided to use what they had learnt working for Habitat, M&S, Heals, and Soho House, in a new product category, and launched their new watch brand in November 2015.

The full range of Freedom To Exist watches are unbranded on the front, their logo lives discreetly on the back of the watch where only the wearer knows its there. When developing the watch they took extra special care with the sizing of the strap, with extra holes being added to cater for the small, medium and large wrist. We offer free returns, so if you try one of our watches and it does not fit, you can send it back no questions asked

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30 Edition Watch


40 Edition Watch

Case Diameter 30mm / 40mm
Case Material Stainless Steel 316L
Case Finish (PVD) polished & brushed
Mechanism Swiss Made Ronda 763 Quartz
Accuracy -10/+20 sec/month
Watch Strap Italian Leather
Watch Weight
27g / 45g
Watch Resist
2 year - READ
Battery Life
3 years

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