Fashion that reflects who you are. Free of stereotype.

Pink. Kristen Stewart. Prince. Grace Jones. Linda Evangelista. David Bowie. Annie Lennox. Katherine Hepburn. Marlene Dietrich.

What do all these celebrities spanning a century have in common?
What is it that continues to be wonderfully appealing about them for so many of us?
In what ways do they continue to inspire?

They are each comfortable within themselves.
They are comfortable about expressing who they are through what they wear. Comfortably. Practically.

These are the wonderfully beautiful people who have resigned from the conditioning of their upbringing, their culture, their peers, the social expectations.

They are who they are. Take it or leave it.

Whether we appreciate their choices or not, it matters not to them. Our opinions, our judgements, our beliefs about what’s considered ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is simply irrelevant.

What we each wear, says a great deal about what we think about ourselves. Most dress to conform. Others dress to cause a reaction. Then there are those who dress to express just how comfortable they are within themselves.

Katherine Hepburn, who staunchly wore trousers throughout her life, once said, “Any time I hear a man say he prefers a woman in a skirt, I say, ‘Try one,’”. Interestingly, throughout many cultures, a skirt is indeed worn by men—the Scotts with their kilts, Pacific Islanders with their wraparounds, tribes around the world—millions of men wearing skirts to this day.

Then we have David Bowie who took Androgyny to a whole new level – coloured hair, makeup, fashion usually directed at women. In 2002 Bowie said, “I really wanted, more than anything else, to contribute in some way to the culture I was living in”. He certainly did.

Some may think these people don’t care about others. It’s likely the opposite. They care deeply. They simply don’t care what others think about the choices they make for their own lives. They see that people are capable of being much more than copies of each other. We dress reflecting either our insecurities and so we conform, or how comfortable we are in our own skin, in our thinking, our beliefs and being able to express easily.

The choices we make with what we wear—clothing, watches, accessories, hair and makeup, and the way we move about—show us as either conforming or non-conforming, depending on how well we know ourselves. Our choices should not be to reject social etiquette or want to be different (we are each different, by the way), nor about sending a message to the world. Be comfortable knowing your choices are yours alone.

The fte watch is designed to suit everyone. It’s equally smart and practical in its design and appearance, as it is comfortable to wear. It compliments each person’s uniqueness. Watches for women and men who are comfortable in who they are.

Be who you are. Be free to exist in your world, your way.

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Monica - Customer