Rebecca Pearson

Rebecca Pearson is a Model, writer and feminist - you can find her anywhere from a catwalk to The Telegraph or on Sky News. She has talked about body image with Eamonn Holmes on TV, appeared on the BBC News and written about the subject in The Sunday Telegraph and Wonder Women.

You can find out more on Rebecca's Modeltypeface Blog.

When do you feel most free?
"I feel most free when I'm dancing round my flat with my boyfriend. We tend to sit at our desks working hard, but when a particularly great song comes on we'll both get up and jump around and be free and wild and silly!"

Which Freedom To Exist Watch and why?
"I chose theFreedom To Exist black and gold fte3001 because I particularly love the colour combination - it's bold but understated at the same time. It stands out against my skin and, of course, it goes with any outfit!"

The petite 30 Edition watch combines classic detailing with a modern minimalist finish - branding free. It is incredibly light at just 27g, and super thin at only 6mm.

"I was losing the will to live searching for a ladies watch with a leather strap. My criteria were; long enough strap, easy to read face but not huge numbers, dial not too big and not too small, no fuss, no visible brand name, and elegant. Paul and Kirsty were extremely helpful, and their service and speed was much appreciated. A great brand; I’m glad I found it!

Monica - Customer