Time management when you have a side hustle


Whether you have a hobby, an interest, a daily ritual, a social engagement, a career or a business on the side, time is either your fiercest enemy or greatest friend.

Creating a routine that supports you in your endeavours and a timetable that compliments this structure, will lead you toward creating a successful lifestyle, a lifestyle that’s built on a strong foundation of purpose, care and giving a damn about what truly matters.

No one succeeds alone. Nor can we succeed without working with a structured mindset.

Energy goes where our attention flows. If our attention stays stuck in any one task, we’ll undoubtedly lose momentum and miss completing each part of our daily routine. We won’t achieve business benchmarks. We won’t achieve our fitness goals. We won’t develop, improve, nurture our relationships. We’ll lose track of what’s important.

There will only ever be 24 hours in a day, only ever be seven days in a week. Keeping track of how we spend our time means we can and must achieve our daily goals in order to achieve our weekly, monthly, yearly and our ultimately Wildly Important Goals.

Flexibility doesn’t mean spending overly more time on any one task we’ve assigned to a portion of our day. If we do, and if we do this regularly, we will end up missing reaching those goals that are significantly important to us.

When we decide on a specific routine and then miss some vital components, it’s like trying to bake bread without yeast and expecting the outcome to be the same as if we did include the yeast. It won’t be. I can’t be. The structure we’ve planned for our day is for a purpose in mind. When we’re clear on our purpose, then our daily structure is created so as to achieve that purpose, or at least to move closer toward that purpose.

Setting out our daily routine to be in alignment with that purpose – we each have one – means each day, each hour, each minute will always be with that purpose in mind. This purpose will serve not only ourselves, it will serve those closest to us and it will inevitably serve ecologically.

Keeping each part of our day in mind, and each hour spent on each activity, means too, that we begin living each moment on purpose. It means our lives have more meaning and we then see that every one and every thing we connect with, also has a purpose, has meaning. How fulfilling our lives will then be. How valuable will each hour then be. How special would that instrument we call a watch, regardless of cost, then be.

Time management isn’t just for business. Time management is for a life well lived. It’s time well spent.

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